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The Battle for Kurland 1944-45

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Rest in Peace. 
Far away from home

The purpose of this website is to depict the final battles of Army-Group North (from January 45: Army-Group Kurland), which took place in Courland (a province of Latvia) during the last months of the war. The honour and glory days of the early blitzkrieg campaigns were long past and by now, the grenadiers were only fighting for their own survival and to keep the Red Army out of their Fatherland. The majority of Army-Group Northís frontline troops had been engaged in battle continuously since the start of the Russian Leningrad-Offensive in January 1944. They had participated in the fierce defensive fighting which took place during the German retreat from Northern Russia and the consequent withdrawal from Estonia, and many of their comrades were killed and buried on these battlefields. Now with October 1944 coming to an end, they found themselves entrapped in a pocket in NW Latvia and it was here in Courland (Kurland), separated and far away from their Vaterland, where during the next 7 months they would fight their last 6 battles. When in May 1945, with Hitler dead and its armies smashed in the east and in the west, the War came to an end, Army-Group Kurland and its soldiers were the only higher command formation left in the German Army who hadnít been defeated in Battle. The performed their duty to the end and "Head Up" they entered the uncertainty of Russian captivity, a captivity out of which many of them never would return. Let this be the story of their heroic struggle.

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